The Pulse of Amsterdam is
the future
and the future
is green.


Connected to green

The Pulse of Amsterdam is the future, and the future is green.

Whether it’s by using recyclable materials, generating solar energy, incorporating a luscious city forest or providing electric cars and bikes; The Pulse of Amsterdam will be an icon of liveability and sustainability.

This is exemplified by the fact that the building will receive a BREEAM Outstanding label.

Park and forest

The Pulse of Amsterdam aims to connect the large green areas of The Amsterdamse Bos, Amstelscheg and Nieuwe Meer with its own green spaces. It starts with the green square in the front, which is a meeting place for the Zuidas community. Then there’s the intimate park on the south side, utilised as a location for sports and play. And lastly, there’s the spectacular 35-metre- high city forest between the towers. A place where residents and workers become guests to a beautiful unexpected clearing. The forest is not only home to a wide array of animals and plants, but it helps in reducing heat, it is irrigated with rainwater and really adds to the biodiversity of this metropolitan area.

Connected to wellbeing

Ultimately, a building is made for people. Whether you’re working, living or relaxing; spending time at The Pulse will benefit your mental and physical health, thanks to the optimal air, light and sound conditions.

These conditions also provide safety, because the high infl ow of fresh air will keep viruses from spreading as much as possible. Furthermore, we envision a carefree user experience that optimises overall satisfaction and productivity.

Creating places where people thrive

Through careful functional programming, as well as spatial and technical design, we aim to increase not only the productivity, but also the health of every person in our building. We help our tenants excel by optimising the following features:
- Daylight
- Air quality and ventilation
- Unique staircase
- Biophilia

Connected to sustainability

For VORM and Edge, developing sustainable buildings is our core business. We go beyond sustainability labels and zero-in on energy and material waste by combining passive design measures, such as design based on solar orientation, with high-end technology. We also design with disassembly in mind, and use recycled or easily recyclable materials wherever possible.

Solar panels will be integrated and placed on the roof and the façade, to maximise renewable energy. In the case of the façade, the elements will lean forward towards the top of the building. Not only does this create a more dynamic look, but it also reduces the sun exposure for each floor, which leads to less energy consumption for cooling. To top it off, the façade is also coated with a bio composite material that’s made of recycled waste from the food industry.

Connected to sustainability

Water is also used in a sustainable way in The Pulse. In the basement, rainwater will be stored in a buffer of 330 cb m. With smart management, we will make optimal use of the available water by using it for irrigation of the green spaces and cooling. For the heating and cooling of the building, we also use geothermal systems that take advantage of the natural warmth of the Earth.

The Edge Smart solution allows us to combine sensor technology with advanced fact-based and highly optimised building operations, ensuring an efficient and sustainable performance. Due to our Madaster material passport, all building materials are being categorised, enabling a more circular approach from a future re-development perspective.