The office
space invites
people to meet
and collaborate
while stimulating
their creativity


Perfect, yet never boring

Amsterdam is the perfect home base for companies.

It’s well connected by land, water and air thanks to an optimal road network, several seaports and of course, Schiphol Airport. The digital connectivity is top-notch as well, because high-speed internet isn’t a false promise in the Netherlands, it’s seriously fast.

Amsterdam is also the perfect home for employees, with a quality of life that is almost unparalleled as a result of its high standard of education, healthcare and infrastructure. So it all sounds great, it’s almost a little bit boring, right? Well, luckily Amsterdam will always be Amsterdam: a pure place that’s still rough around the edges. A place with a character. With a heart. And The Pulse of Amsterdam is connected to the beat of it.


A workday at The Pulse of Amsterdam

A workday at The Pulse of Amsterdam Start your workday right with a freshly brewed cappuccino from the coffee bar at the entrance. Have a sip while riding the first-ever double deck elevator in the Netherlands to your workplace: a small collaborative space with flex workstations where you’re taking over the world with your start-up or an XL office with 3.300 square metres per floor where you work with hundreds of co-workers and have your own desk. After the daily stand-up with your colleagues, you go to the online meeting room for a video call.

At noon, you meet a client for lunch at one of the restaurants and close that long-awaited deal over some sushi. Back in the office, you work out the final details in a relaxing way at one of the lounge spots. After a quick guest appearance at your company’s podcast that is recorded in the in-house studio, it’s time to close your laptop for the day and head over to the gym for a different kind of workout. Having worked up a nice sweat, you hit the showers and end your day with a celebratory drink at the bar.

Connected to the future

The Pulse office is designed according to the Edge concept, meaning we develop our buildings holistically, leaving the necessary room for creativity and innovation. Our approach is based on four pillars: wellbeing, sustainability, design, and technology. These principles are fully embraced in our blueprint, the baseline for all our developments, to ensure the exceptional quality of our products. The Pulse is being developed with the latest technologies in mind and will be awarded a BREEAM Outstanding label and a WELL Building Platinum certification.


We don’t just avoid sick leave; we create spaces where people thrive. Through careful functional programming, as well as spatial and technical design, we aim to increase the health, engagement and productivity of every person in our building, helping our tenants to excel. The Pulse even has a gym and a restaurant that focuses on healthy meals.


We go beyond sustainability labels, zeroing in on energy and material waste. As a baseline, all our buildings are ‘label enabled’. This means that the key principles of globally renowned sustainability labels such as BREEAM, DGNB and LEED are thoroughly incorporated into the design. At the same time, we go beyond the standard.


We believe that life comes first in buildings, not last. We put the users at the heart of everything we do. Increasing diversity requires spaces that actively support our future ways of working.


We lead the digital transformation of real estate to create unparalleled services. Edge brings a data-driven approach to buildings, combining a robust and extendable base building network with a platform approach for advanced data analytics and simple user interfaces.