with the
of Amsterdam


The best place to live

Because it has all the perks of a big city and the advantages of a small one.

As the locals say: Amsterdam is a village. And The Pulse of Amsterdam feels like a village within that village, where you can live like a king or queen in a mid-segment apartment, studio, garden loft or penthouse.

One of the main advantages of having a residential and an office tower is that employees of the companies can live near their work. It’s every worker’s dream: not having to stand in traffic for an hour each morning and afternoon. All it takes to get to the office is a five-minute commute by foot.

Connected to the modern city

The residential tower of The Pulse is a perfect example of synergy between old and new. On the inside it has state-of-the-art apartments, and on the outside, it pays homage to the classic Amsterdam School architectural style.

Thanks to several sustainable mobility plans, The Pulse is also the perfect base to experience the modern city life. Residents can take shared electric cars or scooters to get to Amsterdam’s centre in a heartbeat and thanks to the new entrance of the Amsterdam Zuid station that is right next to the building, the rest of the world is almost just as close, with Schiphol Airport being a mere 6-minute train ride away.

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