the vibe
of Amsterdam


Embracing the vibe of Amsterdam

When you’re connected to the heartbeat of a city, you automatically take on its vibe.

In Amsterdam, that vibe is a unique mixture. The city is one of the most exciting places in the world for a reason: there’s never a dull moment in this capital of culture, food and fun.

But on the other hand, everything still feels laidback. Nobody is really in a hurry, there’s always time to relax. The Pulse of Amsterdam embraces that feeling.

A night of leisure at The Pulse of Amsterdam

The Pulse of Amsterdam is so much more than just a place to work or live.

You can enjoy the whole essence of the city life in just a couple of hours. Are you beat after a hard day’s work? Blow off some steam at one of the various entertainment venues on site where it’s all fun and games. Then, why not go out for dinner to one of the several delightful restaurants. And what’s dinner without a movie? Grab some popcorn and take a seat in our in-house cinema.

Next up, time to review the movie over a cocktail at one of the trendy bars. Still keen and up for more after all that? Amsterdam’s famous nightlife is just a short bike ride away. Get hopped up on (craft) beer at a traditional Dutch brown café, dance into the early hours at one of the trendy clubs and have a very early (and presumably not so healthy) breakfast. This is the city life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Connected to the outdoors

Even when a building is as nice as The Pulse, you still have a desire for the outdoors. You can take a quick breath of fresh air on one of the private terraces on the office floors. Want to take a short stroll to clear your head and enjoy the nature? No problem. The Zuidas might be a business district, but just like every neighbourhood in Amsterdam, it’s filled with green areas. The Pulse will contribute to this with its own rooftop forest. That’s right, at 35 metres high, right between the two towers, a true forest with trees will emerge for residents and workers to walk through and overlook the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Next to that, there’s an intimate park where children can play and you can enjoy a picnic. Want to take a serious walk amongst the trees? The Amsterdamse Bos is just around the corner.