The Pulse of Amsterdam is a high-end circular building that’s connected to the heartbeat of Amsterdam. It’s a place where people can live, work and recreate in a pleasant and comfortable way.

Somewhere / Anywhere

The Pulse has been designed with the concept ‘somewhere and anywhere’ in mind. On the one hand, the office tower is the perfect home for international companies. With its sharp concept of future-proof office space and top-of-the-range facilities, this is the kind of building you could find in any major city around the world. It could be ‘anywhere’.

However, The Pulse couldn’t have just been developed anywhere. Looking at its recognisable ‘Amsterdam School’ style of orange brickwork, white window frames and prominent bays, you know this building could only be standing ‘somewhere’.

And that somewhere, is Amsterdam.



The building that merges global and local

The neighbourhood that exemplifies Amsterdam’s relaxed attitude and solid working life best is the Zuidas, the city’s business centre.

While it’s a place where all the major companies are located, it’s still got that playful Amsterdam vibe. Sure, it’s a place of business, but it’s also a place of leisure. A neighbourhood where you can go and grab a drink and a bite to eat. It’s an up-and-coming neighbourhood where more and more people are looking to relocate to.

Such a unique business district deserves an equally unique building. Here comes: The Pulse of Amsterdam.

With its office tower that represents the business world and its residential tower that pays homage to the famous architectural style of the Amsterdam School, this landmark in the making brings both international and local worlds together. The building will be a meeting point with several restaurants, bars and entertainment venues in the shared space on the ground floors. And last but certainly not least, the lovely rooftop forest shows the green side of this sustainable project.

The Pulse of Amsterdam brings work, living, leisure and green together.

The Pulse of Amsterdam is connected to the heartbeat of Amsterdam.

Connected to the future

The Pulse of Amsterdam office is designed according to the Edge concept, meaning we develop our buildings holistically, leaving the necessary room for creativity and innovation.

Our approach is based on four pillars: wellbeing, sustainability, design, and technology.

These principles are fully embraced in our blueprint, the baseline for all our developments, to ensure the exceptional quality of our products.


We don’t just avoid sick leave; we create spaces where people thrive. Through careful functional programming, as well as spatial and technical design, we aim to increase the health, engagement and productivity of every person in our building, helping our tenants to excel. The Pulse even has a gym and a restaurant that focuses on healthy meals.


We go beyond sustainability labels, zeroing in on energy and material waste. As a baseline, all our buildings are ‘label enabled’. This means that the key principles of globally renowned sustainability labels such as BREEAM, DGNB and LEED are thoroughly incorporated into the design. At the same time, we go beyond the standard.


We believe that life comes first in buildings, not last. We put the users at the heart of everything we do. Increasing diversity requires spaces that actively support our future ways of working.


We lead the digital transformation of real estate to create unparalleled services. Edge brings a data-driven approach to buildings, combining a robust and extendable base building network with a platform approach for advanced data analytics and simple user interfaces.

‘Gateway’ to the city’s Kenniskwartier (‘knowledge quarter’)

"Brilliant connection locally & internationally"


Edge is a real estate developer of a new generation of innovative, healthy and sustainable buildings. Our goal is to reinvent the modern workplace as a driver for health, sustainability and innovation. To do that we combine decades of experience in real estate with proven innovation and results in big data, smart technology and systems. Our team commits to making the built environment greener, smarter, and healthier with a user-centered approach that intuitively learns from use.

For VORM, connection and collaboration are the key to future success. They want to link people and disciplines with one another and share their expertise. By doing so, it’s possible to create sustainable solutions for the future. By working together well with clients, contractors and partners – and by listening carefully to the future residents – they were able to deliver projects they’re really proud of.